The school is very pleased to be awarded the judgement of GOOD in all four areas by a team of three inspectors.

  • Good in Teaching and Learning
  • Good in Pupil Achievement
  • Good in Behaviour and Safety
  • Good in Leadership and Management

Despite the OFSTED inspection process becoming increasingly challenging the the staff team have shown through quality teaching, some of which was outstanding, that the children make good progress in our school.

The school is working hard to improve further on these inspection outcomes.

OFSTED said that 'It is not yet an outstanding school because...

  • A small minority of teaching requires improvement. Pupils do not always have enough opportunities to work on their own and find things out for themselves.
  • Occasionally, teachers do not make it clear enough what they intend groups of different abilities to learn.
  • By Year 6, pupils' achievement in reading is not as good as in writing and mathematics.
  • Pupils are not given enough opportunities to develop their reading skills across all areas of the curriculum and


This inspection is undertaken under the remit from the National Society for church schools.

The school is pleased that it achieved the following:

  • GOOD for distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Church of England school
  • OUTSTANDING for meeting the needs of all learners through its distinctive Christian character
  • OUTSTANDING for the impact of collective worship on the school community
  • GOOD for the effectiveness of the religious education
  • GOOD for the effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school

The focus for development is:

  • Develop the role of the governing body in monitoring the effectiveness and impact of religious education teaching
  • Develop assessment procedures to secure standards in religious education