Diversity Days

In July 2017 we held two days that focussed on aspects of diversity as part of our British Values learning:

Diversity in Disability, Diversity in Religion, Diversity in Gender, Diversity in Families, Diversity in Cultures

We celebrated diversity by displaying our work in the main corridor outside the school hall.

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Worship is central to the life of our school.

We cenbrate worship as a whole school, departments and in classes, sometimes led by children in a class, our Worship Council, or a member of staff.  In most cases the worship encorages participation through being;

- Invitational: children are encourages to be involved but it is a personal response

- Inspirational: children are encoraged to think deeply and to be able to internalise the key messages, leading to personal of collective action

- Inclusive: all children are able to access the worship in their own way

Feedback from a worship attended by  Liverpool Diocese teacher Adviser when we hosted 16 NQTs for training wrote on our feedback postcards: 'A warm welcome to everyone -all were included, made to feel this worship was theirs.  Setting up the worship table secures a clear understanding of the Trinity.  The pupils lead an inspirational worship with a wide variety of stimulus that all linked so well to the Bible passage in Hebrews - our hope is secure in Christ'.  (Jen McIween, 04/11/19)


Spirititual, Moral, Social and Cultural Educationsmsc

 Miss Emma Fleming is our SMSC Co-ordinator.  SMSC permeates across our whole curriculum and teachers look for and create opportunities that encourage an understanding of oneself, the community and their place in the world.

We have an online portal that collects and showcass the work we do.