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parentseveningParents Evening Online Bookings

Reception Year to Year 6 parents evening is on Tuesday 23rd April & Wednesday 24th April : 3.30 - 5.30pm.  .

Please ensure you choose the Nursery - Y6 Parents' Video Consultation Evenings from the link below.

Nursery Year parents evening will be on the same day, starting at 2.00 - 5.30pm.

Please note we also have face-to-face 'Know it and show it' sessions each half term for your child to informally show you the work they have been undertaking.  The next one is Wednesday 17th April, 3.20-3.40pm.

All pupils should received a Parent Online Booking Information Letter at the beginning of the half term.  All appointments will be via video meetings.  This is integrated into the booking system.

You will need to have received a letter with your child's 8 digit login code to access this system.

  1. Click on the link here:  PARENTS EVENING ONLINE BOOKING
  2. From the booking information letter, enter the Parent Login Code, Class and Email (to receive the link to the meeting). 
  3. Book your appointment.

A Step-by-step guide is available here: Step-By-Step Booking Guide

To assist you in resolving technical issues and advice how to get the most from the meeting we have provided further advice below.

More than one child / separated parents

If you have more than one child, and they do not appear on the dashboard, it is important to Logout and Login again with the Parent Login Code and name for each child.  If you have a query or need help please contact the school office via Live Chat.

If more than one person with parental responsibility needs to have a seperate meeting (we prefer doing one meeting per child where possible) then please contact the school office.  It maybe that a separate arrangement may be made such as a telephone call.

Technical Support Information

Please find here information to support you in booking your online meeting: How to book and join video meetings.

Please note: If you have not got a working code please contact the school office by Live Chat and we can provide this to you.  The login code is not sentive information.

Making the Most from Parents Evening

Appointments for parents evening are 5 minutes long. Whilst you are of course welcome to discuss specific issues at a follow-up appointment, it is important that you as parents get the most from this session.  To help there is a booklet that was published some years ago by the DFES (the old name for DFE) to help parents gain the most from these meetings. Some national information within this booklet has changed but still has some important messages and ideas.

Making the Most of Parents_Evenings Leaflet

As a school we aim for you to leave the brief meeting with a clear overview of how your child is progressing, whether there are any barriers to their learning and how the school and you can help your child to make further progress.  The meeting will focus largely on reading, writing and mathematics, how settled they are and their attitude to work & school.  

At parents evening you will receive a Termly Progress Report that outlines the next steps of learning in these areas. If you require more time to discuss a particular issue you are strongly encouraged to make a further appointment with your child's teacher on another day.  We have put together a booklet to explain the Termly Report which will be given on the evening. 



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