Reception Admission Informal Guidance Note

A number of nursery parents have been concerned regarding the church attendance oversubscription admission criteria. We have produced a guidance note to support parents, however this guidance is none statutory and is an interpretation of the school legal policy below.  The Guidance is here:


The Governing Body consulted  on its Admission Policy for 2020-2021 (which applies for up to seven years subsequently - 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024, 2024 - 2025, 2025-2026, 2026-2027) and was required to request a variation from the Office of Schools Adjudicator in response to COVID. The Governing Body determines its admission policy annually for the following year by 28 February. 


Admission for September 2021

Parents (and others) are asked to note that as a result of church closures the National Education Office of the Church of England has liaised with the Office for Schools Adjudicator and have agreed a set change to the school's admission policy for Governing Body's to approve.  Below is the OSA approved revised admission policies and supplementary admission forms:

2021-2022 NURSERY - Approved Variation to Determined Nursery Admission Policy

2021-2022 NURSERY - Approved Variation to Determined Registration of Interest & Supplementary Admission Form

2021-2022 RECEPTION MAIN SCHOOL - Approved Variation to Determined Main Primary School Admission Policy

2021-2022 RECEPTION MAIN SCHOOL - Approved Variation to Determined Registration of Interest & Supplementary Admission Form 


Admission for September 2022

The school is required to publish the determined Admission Policy and Registration of Interest and Supplementary Application Form for 2020/2021.  These are below: 

2022-2023 NURSERY - Approved & Determined Nursery Admission Policy 2022-2023

2022-2023 NURSERY - Determined Registration of Interest & Supplementary Admission Form

2022-2023 RECEPTION MAIN SCHOOL - Approved and Determined Main Primary School Admission Policy

2022-2023 RECEPTION MAIN SCHOOL - Determined Registration of Interest & Supplementary Admission Form


Parents can find out about our school's admission arrangements through Warrington Borough Council's website:

All admission authorities in Warrington follow the same timetable for appeals this can be found on the Warrington LA  website :

Prospective parents would normally be welcome to visit the school during the year prior to the child’s admission to school, however this is not possible during the COVID situation.

Many children prior to admission in reception attend our Nursery Department to introduce them to the school environment.  Further details are available from the school office. 

As the school is usually over subscribed, the Governing Body published its admission criteria in the policy available from the Admissions tab of the website.

The Board of Governors provides a catogorisation, according to the over subscription criteria published in the relevant Admission Policy, for all applicants after the national application close date to the local authority which then applies an 'equal preference' approach.  The local authority then offers parents a place at a school in taking into consideration other applications to other schools. Further details are available from Warrington Borough Council about this process.  There is no selection on any other criteria beyond that published.

To prevent a child with a disability being treated less favourably than other pupils we recommend the following:

  • You contact the school’s Inclusion Co-ordinator at the earliest opportunity to discuss inclusion and admission arrangements.
  • You visit the school prior to admission
  • You talk to your headteacher to set up an Admission Plan
  • You raise any concerns you may have at the earliest opportunity 

In-year Admissions (after Reception September Intake)

The school holds a waiting list for every year group in accordance with the guidance from Warrington Borough Council.  In the event that a vacancy becomes available in a year group all applications at that time are assessed in accordance with the school's oversubscription criteria and and offer made to the applicants.

The school regularly receives in-year transfer requests from the local authority who are responsible for in-year applications between schools.  The school works with the local authority in relation to Fair Access Protocols.  For further information about in-year admissions and Fair Access Protocol please contact Warrington Borough Council.