Meet Team St Margaret's

Executive Headteacher : Mr Christopher MJ Metcalfe, BEd (Hons) MA NPQH NPQEL FCCT


Chris is currently Executive Headteacher for St Margaret's CE Primary School and is passionate about education; giving children the best opportunities for success.  He is the substantive Headteacher for St Margaret's with over twenty years headship in three distinctlively different schools, is a father of three children and has recently been awarded a Masters in Educational Management with Chester University at Distinction level.  Chris is the Executive Headteacher of School Improvement for Warrington Borough Council, leading the co-ordination of the LA's Advisory Team of 10 staff. Chris is a Local Leader of Education with Warrington Teaching School Alliance and works for the inspectorate, OFSTED. He is a Chair of Governors of an outstanding Church of England High School Academy.  Chris has successfully completed studies to gain the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership, is a Fellow of the Chartered College for Teaching and is currently studying for a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.


Head of School: Mr Matthew Boyle, BA (Hons) QTS NPQH

mbMatthew is currently the Head of School providing day-to-day management of the school, line managing the staff team and co-ordinating its activities and events. Prior to this role he has been a Deputy Headteacher for over six years in two different church schools.  He is a father of three children with a degree in Primary Education and History.  Matthew is a Lead Moderator at KS2 for Warrington Borough Council, Local Authority. Amongst other interests, he is a keen supporter of football and rugby league . 

Matthew supports the Exective Headteacher in being the strategic lead for professional development, assessment and subject leadership development. Matthew has recently been awarded the National Professional Qualification for Headship.


Assistant Headteacher - Standards (Pupil Premium): Mrs Amanda Meager, BEd (Hons) QTS


With industry experience in the IT sector, Amanda has significant teaching and leadership experience.  Outward looking and seeking the very best practice, Amanda has been sought as a Specialist Leader in Education, awaiting accreditation by the school's Teaching School Alliance. Amanda is a Teaching School Alliance wide Lead Mentor for Associate Teachers in the School Direct programme.

Amanda supports the Executive Headteacher in championing the development of Curriculum and in the achievement of those in receipt of Pupil Premium, ensuring staff provide appropriate provision though Closing the Gap (or Diminishing Difference) Plans.  She line manages the Achievement Teachers and Mentor team.


Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion: Miss Emma Fleming, BA (Hons), PGCE (Psychology) QTS

49Emma has a broad range of experience in special educational needs and working with vulnerable pupils.  This has included working in a Pupil Referral Unit, as an accredited Every Child a Reader teacher. 

Emma has completing the national accreditation for SENCO's, the Postgraduate Cerificate in SEN.  Emma supports the Executive Headteacher in leading the provision for Vulnerable Pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability, those with additional support from Early Help and Social Care and those with additional barriers such as attendance, medical needs or those with English as an Additional Language.

Emma is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children.

Emma is supported by Sue Kirby our Early Help & Family Support Worker, Laura Albon our SEN Case Worker and Joanna Brown our Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager.


Administration, Technical & Site Team

Executive Headteacher's Secretary (Admissions Enquiries and Governance Professional): Mrs Ann McGuiness

School Business Manager : Mrs Penny Harland

Enquiries Administrative Assistant (Parent Pay, Catering, Uniform) : Mrs Julie Hennessey

Support Services Assistant (Attendance, SMILE Lettings & Admin to Head of School) : Mrs Yvonne Leigh

Site Manager : Mr John Houghton

IT Technician : Mr Mike Brough


Vulnerable Children's Team (Safeguarding, SEN, Mental Health)

VC Team Leader (Assistant Headteacher) : Miss Emma Fleming BA (Hons) PGCE QTS

Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager : Mrs Joanna Brown

SEN Case Worker : Mrs Laura Albon NNEB BTEC

Early Help & Family Support Worker : Mrs Sue Kirby

Early Years Safeguarding Support : Miss Starr Highdale (EYQTS)

LA Educational Psychologist (WBC SLA) : Sarah Prall BA MSs 

Private Educational Psychologist (commissioned): Phil Picket (Acorn Psychology)

Child Play Therapists (commissioned): Iona Alexander & Sally Lee (Child in Mind)

Speech and Language Terapists (SLA): 14 Therapists through Bridgewater NHS Trust


Early Years Department / Phase 1 Team

Head of Early Years / Phase Leader : Mrs Laura Peters, BEd QTS

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Laura Peters, BEd QTS

Additional Nursery Teacher: Miss Emma Fleming BA (Hons) PGCE QTS

Reception Teacher: Miss Louise Bains, QTS

Reception Teacher: Miss Rececca Coleman BEd QTS

Nursery Assistant: Miss Elaine Hewitt NNEB

Nursery Assistant: ??

Nursery Achievement Mentor/Teacher: Star-Lee Highdale EYTS 

Reception Assistant: Mrs Vikki Pountley NVQL3

Reception Assistant:  Miss Louise Bains, BEd QTS

SEN Assistant & EY Pupil Premium: Mrs ???

Early Years Assistant Apprentice: Miss Olivia Speek


Lower School Department / Phase 2 Team

Head of Lower School / Assistant Phase 2 Leader: Miss Hayley Johnson BA English, QTS

Year 1 Teacher: Miss Leanne McGivern BEd QTS

Year 1 Teacher:  Mr Adam Lankertis BA QTS

Year 2 Teacher: Miss Hayley Johnson BA English, QTS

Year 2 Teacher: Miss Caitlyn Reynolds, QTS

ECaR Teacher: Miss Emma Fleming BA PGCE QTS

Lower School Assistant:  Mrs Sheena White, NNEB

Lower School Assistant: Mrs Karen Lewis NVQL3

Lower School Assistant: Mrs Karen Jones, NNEB


Midddle School Department / Phase 3 Team

Head of Middle School / Assistant Phase 3 Leader : Miss Claire Seccombe BA QTS

Year 3 Teacher: Mrs Karen Vernon & Mrs Paula Spenceley (Primary Mastery Specialist Maths Teacher)

Year 3 Teacher: Miss Sophie Taylor, QTS

Year 4 Teacher: Miss Claire Seccombe BA QTS

Year 4 Teacher: Miss Sarah QTS

Middle School Assistant: Miss Kadie Jones QTS

Middle School Assistant: Mrs Julie Finch NVQL3

Achievement Mentor: Mrs Karen Vernon QTS


Upper School Department / Phase 4 Team

Head of Upper School / Phase 4 Leader : Mrs Amanda Meager BEd QTS

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Marie Taylor BA QTS

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Amanda Meager BEd QTS

Year 6 Teacher: Miss Chantelle Malhi BA QTS

Year 6 Teacher: Miss Megan Littler BA QTS

Primary Mastery Specialist Maths Teacher: Miss Paula Spenceley BA QTS

Upper School Assistant: Mrs Clare Thwaites BA (Hons) (maternity leave)

Upper School Assistant: Mrs Gill Stephenson BEd (Hons) Dip (Maths) QTS

Achievement Assistant (Pupil Premium): Mrs J Stainton NNEB

Achievement Teacher / Mentor (Pupil Premium): Mrs Karen Morris BA (Hons) PGCE QTS


SEN Support Team

SEN Assistant: Miss Julie Ruth NVQL3

SEN Assistant: Miss Rachel Collins NVQL2

SEN Assistant: Mrs Sue Davies NVQL3

SEN Assistant: Mrs Julia Clarke NVQL2

SEN Assistant: Mrs Wendy Donoghue NVQL2

SEN Assistant: Mrs Nicola Howell NVQL2

SEN Assistant: Miss Sarah Bevan-Lewis

SEN Assistant: Mrs Elizabeth Tonge

SEN Assistant: Mrs Joanne Princep

SEN Assistant: Miss Sam Leigh


Curriculum Subject Specialist Team

Primary Mastery Mathematics Specialist (Appointed Turon Maths Hub) & Specialist Leader in Education (Mathematics) (Appointed WTSA) - 0.6 FTE: Miss Paula Spenceley BA QTS

Specialist Leader in Education (Mathematics) (Appointed WTSA) - 1.0 FTE : Mr Adam Lankertis BA QTS

Music Specialist Teacher (with specialisms in Strings) - 0.7 FTE: Mrs Judith McAuslan B.A. (Music) PGCE, Associate Teacher of the Colourstrings Music Kindergarten

Sports Coach: Miss Samantha Leigh