Most school policies can be downloaded from our 


which retains a pdf version of our statutory and some non-statutory policies and some handbooks for Governing Board and parents.  It is held on a an easy access Google Drive (no-login required).

Please use the contents page below to see which policies are in the folder. If you do not find the policy you are looking for it may be being reviewed, in which case please ask the school office for a copy.  There will be no charge for single copies of any documents on this website.  Please contact the school office for a paper copy. 

The list below is in the order of the DfE Statutory Policies published list (A). Other school policies are coded (according to S - Safeguarding, F - Finance/Business, G - General (Other), X - Handbooks & Guides).

Contents of Online Folder (see above)

Statutory policies

A1 SMCEPS Admissions Policies (see Admissions page of this website)

adobe-pdf-logo  A2 SMCEPS Charging and Remissions Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A3 SMCEPS Data Protection Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A3a SMCEPS Schools Subject Access Request Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

A4 Biometic Information (the school does not process this information)

A5 Register of Admission and Attendance (this is a live document)

A6 School information published on website (this is a live document)

adobe-pdf-logo  A7 SMCEPS Complaints Policy & Procedure 2019+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A8a SMEPS Managing Employee Performance (Teachers) (Adopted 08/10/20)

adobe-pdf-logo  A8b SMCEPS Managing Employee Performance - Support staff (Adopted 08/10/20)

adobe-pdf-logo  A9 Newly Qualified Teachers (08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A10a  SMCEPS Schools Disciplinary Procedure (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A10b  SMCEPS Code of Conduct for Employees (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  A10c  SMCEPS Schools Grievance Procedure (Adopted 08/10/2020)

A11 Single Central Record of Recruitment & Vetting (this is a live document)

adobe-pdf-logo  A12  SMCEPS S3 - Managing Allegations about Staff and Volunteers 2019+ (Adopted 08/10/2020) - same as S3

adobe-pdf-logo   A13 SMCEPS Pay Policy 2020+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   A14 SMCEPS Equality Policy incl Objectives 2018-22 (incl Accessibility Plan) (Adopted 04/10/2018/Revision 11/003/2021)

adobe-pdf-logo   A15  SMCEPS S1 - Child Protection 2019+ ((Adopted 08/10/2020) - same as S1

A16 Child with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School - See Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

A17 Designated teacher for Looked after and prev looked after - this is Mrs Fleming

adobe-pdf-logo   A18 EYFS Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   A19 SMCEPS Inclusion & SEN Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   A20  SMCEPS Supporting Medical Conditions Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020/Revised 11/03/2021)

adobe-pdf-logo   A21 SMCEPS Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   A22 SMCEPS Discipline & Behaviour Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

A23 Behaviour principles written statement - see A22

A24 School exclusion - see A22

adobe-pdf-logo   A25 SMCEPS Health and Safety Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

A26 First Aid in Schools - see A25

A27 Premises Management documents - held with office staff

A28 SMCEPS Equality Information and objectives - see A14

adobe-pdf-logo   A29 SMCEPS Governors' Allowances Scheme (Adopted 08/10/2020)

A30 - Instrument of Governance - available from the Clerk to Governors

A31 - Register of Business Interests of Headteachers and Governors (see Governance Section of this site)


Safeguarding Policies & Procedures (if statutory also appears above)

adobe-pdf-logo   S1 SMCEPS Safeguarding 1 - Child Protection 2019+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S2  SMCEPS Safeguarding 2 - Guidance for Safe Working Practice 2019+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S3 SMCEPS Safeguarding 3 - Managing Allegations about Staff and Volunteers 2016+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S4 SMCEPS Safeguarding 4 - Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S5  SMCEPS Safeguarding 5 - Safer Recuitment and Vetting Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S6  SMCEPS Safeguarding 6 - Online Safety Policy 2020 (incl. Acceptable Use & Remote Learning) (Adopted July 2020 (Re-Adopted 08/10/2020))

adobe-pdf-logo   S7  SMCEPS Safeguarding 7 - Intimate Care Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S8  SMCEPS Safeguarding 8 - Diversity Community Coheshion Anti-radicalisation Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   S9  SMCEPS Safeguarding 9 - Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo    S10 SMCEPS Safeguarding 10 - Pan-Cheshire Multi-Agency Escalation Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

Warrington Children's Safeguarding Board Procedures Manual


Non-Statutory policies (according to DfE list)

adobe-pdf-logo  F1 SMCEPS Internal Financial Regulations (Adopted 08/10/2020, Reviewed 18/03/2021)

adobe-pdf-logo  F2 SMCEPS Financial Delegation and Administration (incl Fraud) Policy and Governor Planner (Adopted 08/10/2020, Reviewed 18/03/2021)

adobe-pdf-logo   F3 SMCEPS Data Breach Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F4a  SMCEPS Parent Privacy Notice (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F4b SMCEPS Pupil Privacy Notice (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F4c  SMCEPS Recruitment Privacy Notice (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F4d  SMCEPS Workforce Privacy Notice (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F5  SMCEPS Freedom of Information Scheme (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F6 SMCEPS Information Management Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   F7 SMCEPS Pupil Premium Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)


adobe-pdf-logo   G1 SMCEPS Teacher Appraisal Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G2 SMCEPS Whistleblowing Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G3 SMCEPS Curriculum Statement 2021+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G4  SMCEPS Collective Worship 2018+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G5  SMCEPS WBC Educational Visits LOTC 2017 (Adopted 08/10/2020)

 adobe-pdf-logo   G6  SMCEPS Attendance Policy (Pupils) (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G7 SMCEPS Schools Managing Attendance Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G8  SMCEPS Stress Management Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G9  SMCEPS Dignity at Work Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G10  SMCEPS Drug, Alchohol and Substance Misuse Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G11 SMCEPS Homework Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G12 SMCEPS Religious Education Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G13 SMCEPS Critical Incident Policy (Public Copy without Contacts) (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  G14 Feedback Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G15 Volunteer Policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo   G16  Non-Smoking policy (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  G17 Authorised Leave Policy (Staff) 2018+ (Adopted 08/10/2020)

adobe-pdf-logo  G18 Teaching & Learning Policy 2021+ (Adopted 08/10/2020, Reviewed 11/03/2021)



adobe-pdf-logo X1 Governors Handboook 2020-2021

adobe-pdf-logo Lower Department Parents' Handbook 2018

adobe-pdf-logo Upper Department Parents' Handbook 2018

adobe-pdf-logo Termly Report to Parents (FAQs) Leaflet 2019 (Summary Highlights)

adobe-pdf-logo Termly Report to Parents (FAQs) Leaflet 2019



adobe-pdf-logo  OFSTED Inspection Report

adobe-pdf-logo  SIAMS Inspection Report