OUR SCHOOL VISION (delivering for a certain future):

‘Care, challenge and celebrate with Christ...’ 

God is at the heart of all we do. Through our vision strapline 'Care, Challenge and Celebrate with Christ' we learn, are inspired, gain opportunity and receive nurture, so our whole community may experience the joy and hope of ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10 v10). 


Each pupil and adult is encouraged to ‘be the best they can be’, to find for themselves the person God wants them to be and to flourish in a learning environment where all may grow in Body, Mind and Spirit. This vision is embodied throughout the work of the whole school; being visible through, and impacting on, our children, the staff, the governors and the wider school community. 



SCHOOL MISSION (delivering in the here and now):

Therefore choose [life] – educating a community of unique individuals for ‘life in all its fullness’

(BASED ON DEUTERONOMY 30: 19-20, JOHN 10-10.)

Our biblically based mission supports our theologically rooted vision.  It points us to the undertanding that we have a choice in life; to turn towards Jesus, that the choice we make is 'with Christ'.  Our mission recognises we are all individual, all unique, that the education we provide enables us to make choices that bring us closer to God and to the people around us. 



How we developed our Vision and Mission

Our governing body has reflected upon our vision statement of 'Care, challenge and celebrate with Christ' when it undertook its Review of Governance by an NLG who is Chair of a Church of England school.

As a result of the review, governors wanted to make more explicit the role the school plays in children's future, their aspirations and also their faith journey.  As a result they concluded that the vision should remain unchanging, whereas the school's mission should change over periods of time.

They initially adopted their first mission  '...where ambition and faith thrive!' in 2018 to complement the school vision and then subsequently into a biblically based message to support effective choices in curriculum, behaviour, and character in 2020.

The national Church of England vision for education has a strong influence on our school practices and approach: 'deeply Christian, with Jesus' promise of 'life in all its fullness' at its heart.'  Our own headteacher was a member of the national panel that developed the 'Deeply Christian Serving the Common Good'.

  • Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills: enabling discipline, confidence and delight in seeking wisdom and knowledge, and developing talents in all areas of life.
  • Educating for hope and aspiration: enabling healing, repair and renewal, coping wisely when things go wrong, opening horizons and guiding people into ways of fulfilling them.
  • Educating for community and living well together: a core focus on relationships, participation in communities and the qualities of character that enable people to flourish together.
  • Educating for dignity and respect: the basic principle of respect for the value and preciousness of each person, treating each person as a unique individual of inherent worth.

It is complemented by the diocesan vision: 'we are asking God for a bigger church so we can make a bigger difference; more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world'.



Our Governors and staff teams have been working together on their school strategy under the direction of the Executive Headteacher and Head of School.  As a result of using the national CofE strategic resources within 'Thinking Governance' the teams have formulated 2025+ Strategy.

You can download the school strategy document here: 2025+ STRATEGY DOCUMENT

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