Music Ambassadors

One of the original first Warrington Music Ambassador selected schools some 11 years ago, we have gone from strength to strength in our commitment to supporting schools and striving for excellence.  We have been awarded this status for the senenth time in October 2023 at The Pyramid.

The school employs a highly experience music specialist who is commissioned by Accent Music Hub to work in other schools for whole class music teaching. Accent Music is responsible for awarding Music Ambassador status.  The website is:

Our self-evaluation of our work is shown here: AMBASSADOR SELF-EVALUATION

A show case of our music work can be found at our MUSIC SHARE WEBSITE


Our auditioned Chapel Choir formed 11 years ago has been honoured to perform at many many unique venues including:

The Headteacher's and Incumbents Conference for Liverpool Diocese

The Parr Hall for Accent's Music Concert

Liverpool Cathedral as the nominated choir for the Leaver's Eucharist

Sir Thomas Botler's Spring Spectacular Music Concert

Botler Oud Loud Outside Conference

St Elphin's Parish Church at the Mayor's Christmas Concert

School Christmas Concerts

They have also perform annually with mass choirs such as Young Voices.


We believe that music is for everyone and Young Crescendos is a celebration of everyone's talent.  Young Crescendos is open to any child from Y2 to Y4 to come and enjoy singing.

They are developing opportunities to perform but so far have performed at Christmas Fairs and The Orford Community Centre.


All children in Year 4 learn a stringed instrument and this is further developed in Year 5.  From year 5 onwards children can join the after-school group.  They have performed at:

Accent Music Hub's Christmas Concert at St Elphin's

The Parr Hall for Accent's Music Ambassador Concert

School Music Performance Afternoon to Parents

The Brindley Theatre

Open Evenings


Pupils learn to play the OCARINA, a wind musical instrument; it is a type of vessel flute, in Year 3.

They have performed at carol concerts and whole school worships.

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