Sex and Relationships Education

** The DfE have published new guidance for Relationships and Sex Education.  Schools are required to deliver the new guidance from September 2020.  We are working with the developing diocesan guidance in reviewing our policy and its delivery.  We will be consulting parents through our Parent Forum regarding the new policy ate in the Autumn Term.**


The Governing Body have a statutory requirement to decide whether or not sex education
should form part of the school curriculum.  At St Margaret's they have decided that it should be in our curriculum.

Sex & Relationships Education is not considered as a separate subject but will be addressed in the following manner:

  • Incorporated into the P.S.H.E. programme of work
  • As part of the Science Curriculum incorporated within the subjects of growth
    and development
  • Issues will be addressed as they occur naturally in the classroom and
    questions are answered in an appropriate manner with due regard to the
    children’s level of maturity
  • The ethos of the school encourages self respect and caring and loving attitudes towards each other
  • Annually Year 5 pupils are given a talk by a qualified school nurse on the
    subject of personal hygiene and puberty. Parents are consulted before
    such talks are given and may withdraw their child/children if they so desire.

The school encourages caring relationships within the doctrine of the Church whilst accepting
that our children come from a variety of forms of family unit.

After consulting the policy and speaking with the Headteacher, should you not wish your child to be present during Sex & Relationship sessions you should notify the Headteacher in writing. If no written notification is received your child will receive Sex & Relationship Education.

A copy of the full policy can be downloaded from the 'Policies' section on 'Information' dropdown tab of this website.