During the Coronavirus Pandemic we are streaming Worship from Jam ' n' Toast Family Service at St Paul's Church, Withnell, a sister church of Mr Metcalfe's one he normally attends.

You will find links to the services and the activities in the children's Google Classroom. 

The latest task is to send a very short hello video to Gary and Carolyn who run the service, post it using the assignment in the classroom.


To become a member of this Google Classroom click on the '+' button in your year group one and enter the class code below.



Worship is central to the life of our school.

We cenbrate worship as a whole school, departments and in classes, sometimes led by children in a class, our Worship Council, or a member of staff.  In most cases the worship encorages participation through being;

- Invitational: children are encourages to be involved but it is a personal response

- Inspirational: children are encoraged to think deeply and to be able to internalise the key messages, leading to personal of collective action

- Inclusive: all children are able to access the worship in their own way

Feedback from a worship attended by  Liverpool Diocese teacher Adviser when we hosted 16 NQTs for training wrote on our feedback postcards: 'A warm welcome to everyone -all were included, made to feel this worship was theirs.  Setting up the worship table secures a clear understanding of the Trinity.  The pupils lead an inspirational worship with a wide variety of stimulus that all linked so well to the Bible passage in Hebrews - our hope is secure in Christ'.  (Jen McIween, 04/11/19)