Meet the Governors

The Govenors are a group of 'professional volunteers' who give up alot of time and effort to bring a range of skills to the strategic leadership of the school.

They meet as a full Governing Body once a term.  Through their internal organisation they also meet as committees.  The most frequent committees that meet are:

Chairs & Scrutiny Committee , Curriculum & Standards Committee , Staffing Committee, Premises and Health and Safety Committee , Finance Committee

The Chair of Governors is Mrs Gloria Warburton and the Vice Chair is Mrs Beth Shone JP.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, all enquiries should be made through Mrs Dean, the Clerk to Committees c/o the school.

The Chairs of the various committees are:

- Mrs Gloria Warburton (Chairs Committee)

- Mrs Beth Shone JP (Admissions Committee)

- Mr Rob Gibson (Curriculum & Standards Committee)

- Mr David Chadwick (Staffing Committee)

- Rev Daniel Howard (Premises and Health & Safety Committee)

- Mr Brian Furness (Finance Committee)