New Governor from HR BackgroundDavid

The Governing Body welcomed David Chadwick, a PCC and Diocesan Governor with a background in senior management of the NHS, to his first meeting this week and is being inducted by our Training and Induction Governor, Claire Howarth-Platt who is also our Vice Chair.  The meeting was a School Improvement Session for all board members in which the Headteacher, Chris Metcalfe, led a detailed overview of the government's data on the school, called the Dashboard.  Governors together identified the key priorities for our school from this and the School Improvement Plan which are:

- developing reading and the learning of phonics

- supporting all children to do well in reading, writing and maths

- continuing the successes in the progress children make so that more children attain highly

As a result the board continued to prioritise our current Key Performance Indicators as:


KPI I: school improves standards of attainment in mathematics and English

KPI II: school improves the progress children make between Foundation Stage and End of KS2

KPI III: school improves the quality of teaching to impact on in-year pupil progress

KPI IV: standards and well-being improve as a result of timely and appropriate intervention by support staff, teachers, subject leaders and senior managers

KPI V: strategic planning and evaluation by governors leads to clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses

How does the Governing Body perform its strategic responsibilities?

The Board of Governors sets the strategic direction for the school based on information from:

- internal evaluation reports (e.g. 360 reports, HT Appraisal)

- external evaluation reports (e.g. OFSTED, LA, consultants)

- wider educational landscape (e.g. governor training, meetings)

- in-school headline data (score cards)

- visits to learning time in school

- attending Curriculum Team meetings

- attending School Parliament children's leadership groups


The Board sets the strategic direction through:

- the long term strategy document ' Thrive 2020'

- the detailed RoSE (Record of Self-Evaluation) document

- the single side SEF (Self-Evalutaion Form)

- the School Improvement Plan

Annually the Board holds a Governor and Staff Conference. The outcomes of the conference are shared on the school website. The focus this year has been on the progress of the Curriculum Teams with a particular reference to the impact of additional government grant monies on the work of these teams; Pupil Premium Funding and PE & Sports Funding.

The school's own Governor Handbook sets out how the Board delivers its functions, including strategy development. See the Govenrnance page on this sit for details.