Bishop dedicates prayer space to support character education

plaque 340x255Delighted that the Right Reverend Bishop of Warrington, Beverley Mason, opened our new three-class extension and dedicated our prayer space, the children asked great questions and appreciated her passion for women in leadership roles.

Our prayer spaces are central pillars to life in school and pupils tell us it supports their mental health and character virtues such as resilience.  Our new space will have mental health leaders and additional resources pupils can turn to for support. 

Being a leadership role model for girls, Bishop Bev spoke about the importance of getting through challenges and believing in yourself and God.  She shared our infant worship and met with eight KS2 classes to discuss what and who inspired her in her life.  She also spoke about a bible story that had great significance for her in sustaining her work.

bishop7_580x435.jpgDuring the dedication of our new landscaped prayer space with our Worship Council, she thanked governors and leaders as she presented the Liverpool Diocesan Church School Partnership Award to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Ann Elphick, our School Chaplain and Vicar, Daniel Langdon-Griffiths, and our Head Girl and Head Boy, Chairs of our Worship Council and School Parliament..


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