General Concern, Enquiry or Complaint

Our aim is to make St Margaret's a happy, safe and caring place for our pupils so that they can benefit from the best possible education. All our staff, both teaching and non-teaching are dedicated to this aim.

If parents do have a concern we would ask you to speak to your child’s classteacher, by making an appointment via Live Chat or by telephoning the school, or come to the weekly drop-in clinic with a member of the leadership team on Monday afternoons from 3.30 – 5pm, letting us know in advance.

If the matter cannot be resolved through these channels you should discuss your concern with the Head of School or the Executive Headteacher.  You can also talk to our Wellbeing and Safeguarding Manager or our Early Help Co-ordinator if you wish.  They have access to various family support strategies if this is of interest - see the Wellbeing Team section of this website for more information.  

We do aim to handle concerns swiftly and encourage resolution by informal means wherever possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us; difficulties are always best tackled early on.

If the matter is a concern about the headteacher or you feel that our response in insufficient to address your concerns you should follow our Complaints Procedure which is published in our Complaints Policy, available from the Policies page of this website (or use the 'search' bar at the top of the website) or link below:

adobe pdf logo Complaints Procedure

Safeguarding Concern

If you have a safeguarding concern regarding a pupil you must report this immediately to any member of staff. 

You can speak confidentially to one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads if you wish - ask at the school office. 

If you feel you need to report something but are unable to do so, such as it is during the school holidays, please report it to the Local Authority Safegurading Team  here: 

or Local Safeguarding partnership :

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