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We are excited to relaunch the (PTFA) 'Friends of St Margaret's'  for 2020 and have an exciting plan for the year ahead! Wwe are keen to recruit new members and have a comitted staff team who are ready to embark on new ways to help support and raise funds for our school family.

We will be starting the year with a meeting (3.45pm on Monday 13th January) to elect the new committee members and begin our preparations for the year ahead. We hope you can join us to make our PTFA a great success

  Welcome to our PTFA

  Committee Members

  Chair – Amy Kessler

  Vice Chair – 

  Secretary – Nicola Rigby

  Treasurer - Michelle Leathem

  Vice Treasurer - Mr C Metcalfe

  Events Officer

We hope to elect  a new Chair, whose role will be to coordinate events and liaise with teachers, parents, committee members and  teams of volunteers to ensure that planned events go ahead successfully.

The Vice Chair, will work with and support the Chair and the other members of the PTFA, so that we have some additional funds to help buy those "extras” for the children to help give them the best education we can.

We are looking forward to working with everyone to raise funds and help make special memories for the children at these fantastic events!

It takes the effort of everyone for these events to continue. Whether you can help on the day, send donations, give ideas or assist in the back ground, it’s all invaluable help so please get involved.

This year we are hoping to run a 'Valentine's Day ' Themed disco in the first Spring half term; a Summer/May Fayre in the summer term. We are looking for creative and committed people to join us and help to generate more fund raising ideas and exciting ideas for the children and families of St Margaret's.

For further information about our activities you can follow them via a PTA group on the school's Facebook - 

For further information about the PTA (Friends of St Margaret's) you can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Minutes of meetings:

PTFA meeting 9th December 2019

Constitution of The Friends of St Margaret's (PTFA):

Consitution of Friends of St Margaret's


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