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Breakfast and After School Club

Our Breakfast Club is now held in the SMILE Centre (on our own site run by the school) from September and under our Link Club arrangements. It is available from 7.45am to school start time (at which point they will be taken within our site to the main building). It will be available for children from Reception upwards.The cost will be £3.00 per session including a breakfast of cereal and/or toast which will be served between 8.00 and 8.15am. Children will be in two main bubbles, where possible, according to the groups they are in for classes.  

Our After School Club will be running from after schoobeforeandafterschooll to 4.30pm until Easter Holidays (for £4 per session) and will then resume to 6pm finish from Thursday 15 April (for 6.50pm per session).
Again run in two bubbles according to the classes, where possible, for children reception age and upwards. 
You will also need to book into the after school club using the Booking Form below.
You can see more of our activiies from last term on our Facebook:

Summary Costs:

Breakfast - £3 per session, 7.45 to school start time

After school -

From 8 March - £4 per session till 4.30pm

From 15 April - £4 per session till 4.30pm, £6.50 per session till 6.00pm

To book a place please ring Julie Hennessey on 01925 634207 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Holiday Club - Next one Summer Holiday 2021 hcp

We will be running our holiday club for four weeks during Summer holidays (3 run by school staff and WYC, 1 run by WYC).  Return to this page for more details.

Details of our Summer Holiday Club activities can be seen if you click on picture or here:


Most holidays we run a holiday club. Parents pay for this facility (except for those invited to the HAF funded section)

Costs: £22.00 per child 8am - 6pm, £15.00 per child 9am - 3pm. 

It is run out of our SMILE Centre with dedicated child care space.   We have arrangements in place to make us COVID secure including social distancing and will be operated in two distinct bubbles.

To book please use the LiveChat (or Leave a Message facility for our of hours) on this website, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the dates you wish to book and which sessions.  Whilst it is popular we confirm it is operating once overall numbers are confirmed.

Snacks provided will be pre-wrapped and parents must provide a packed lunch.No cash or cheque payments will be received this year, it will be by Parent Pay or Contactless payment, though payment must be received for the full number of sessions booked before 12 Noon, the week before the first holiday session. All payments are non-refundable if the place is not used.

We will be prioritising those parents who book the greatest number of days and we are only taking St Margaret’s children. We may take nursery children from our school nursery, however this is not guaranteed. Please request this in your message for child care for this age.



With around 100 children eligible for income-related free school meals that attend our school we cannot meet all the requests for HAF funded places.  We have provided the number that maintains an effective club for all children.

If you have booked a paid place and you have been allocated a HAF funded place (limited number of spaces) you will receive a refund.  If you booked a paid place and you have not been given a HAF funded place then we will charge for this place as prevuously expected before HAF availability.

Lunch arrangements: If your child is attending for a paid place you should provide a packed lunch for your child as previous holiday clubs.  If your child is attending for a confirmed HAF funded place your child's lunch will be provided.  If your child has any allergies please let the club assistants know on arrival. 

Timings:  HAF funded places are now only from 9.00 - 1pm on the days we have confirmed. Paid places are as per your booking.

Activities: Due to the increase in the number of staff members involved including from Warrington Youth Club we have been able to offer an enhanced programme.  This includes some requirements for the HAF funding such as health eating, mental health, bushcraft activities and sports.  All children will access all enhanced activities regardless whether it is a paid place or a HAF funded place,