Due to the current pandemic, and increasing rates of infection locally, we are not bringing different families together in to the building and therefore will not be holding face-to-face consultation evenings this term.

But we still want to hear your views, to share the next steps of learning and also to let you know how you can help your child to make further progress.

How you can share your views:

In the first instance we would ask that you complete the reply form included with your child's report, but if you would prefer you can use the online form available: FILL THIS FORM IN HERE

In fact we really need to hear your views as it is through an effective partnership between home and school your child becomes the best they can be in ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’. This will help to improve our correspondance as we move forwards.

We have changed our usual report to give you as much information as possible that we think you will find helpful.  We have kept the grades A-E for achievement and effort.  We have kept the progress values against our curriculum.  However, we have extended the use of text to provide a general comment rather than just some targets.  It is the general comment that we usually share verbally face-to-face.

If you feel that you would like to request a short appointment with your child's teacher, please complete the form below and we will organise a 5 minute conversation with you at the school's convenience. To Request an online audio call (using Google Education ‘Google Meet’) with a member of the teaching team (likely to be your child’s teacher): Only use this form if necessary. Copy into browser:

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Parents Evening Online Bookings

Year R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is on Wednesday 15 January 2020 : 3.30 - 6.30pm.

Nursery Parents Evening will be on a date to be confirmed (see nursery staff to book a slot).



We provide a service to put parents in control of their own booking of appointments for parents evening. There will be the traditional method of returning a slip to the school office for those without internet access or who prefer to use this method.

To book directly online:

You will need to have received a letter with your child's 8 digit login code to access this system.

  1. Click on the link here:  PARENTS EVENING ONLINE BOOKING
  2. From the booking information leatter, enter the Parent ID Code, Class and optional Email (to receive confirmation of your booking).
  3. Book your appointment.

If you have more than one child at the school it is important to Logout after each booking and use individual code and name for each child.  If you have a query or need help please contact the school office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Appointments for parents evening are 5 minutes long. Whilst you are of course welcome to discuss specific issues at a follow-up appointment, it is important that you as parents get the most from this session.  To help there is a booklet that was published some years ago by the DFES (the old name for DFE) to help parents gain the most from these meetings. Some national information within this booklet has changed but still has some important messages and ideas.

Making the Most of Parents_Evenings Leaflet

As a school we aim for you to leave the brief meeting with a clear overview of how your child is progressing, whether there are any barriers to their learning and how the school and you can help your child to make further progress.  The meeting will focus largely on reading, writing and mathematics, how settled they are and their attitude to work & school.  

At parents evening you will receive a Termly Progress Report that outlines the next steps of learning in these areas. If you require more time to discuss a particular issue you are strongly encouraged to make a further appointment with your child's teacher on another day.  We have put together a booklet to explain the Termly Report which will be given on the evening.