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Weddings, holidays with extended family, special treats can and must be booked during school holidays - not term time!

It is a offence to have unlawful leave from school and if prosecuted may result in a criminal record.



Reception children will be assessed in the first three weeks in September for national baseline.

The government is requiring Year 2 to sit Year 1 Phonics Tests in October/November.

Year 6 SATS WEEK 2021: Government timetabled from Monday 10th May to Thursday 13th May 2021 are now cancelled.

Year 4 Government Times Tables Tests 2021: Monday 7 June to Friday 25 June remain in place.

Year 2 Government Tests 2021: Month of May cancelled.

Year 1 Government Phonics Test 2021: Week beginning 7 June 2021 also cancelled.

We will be undertaking our own assessments towards the end of the year to inform learning and teaching.

adobe pdf logoTERM DATES 2020-2021



Reception children will be assessed in the first three weeks in September for national baseline.

Year 6 SATS WEEK 2022: Government timetabled from Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May 2022. No Year 6 pupil may be absent from school during this week.

Year 4 Government Times Tables Tests 2022: Monday 6 June to 24 June

Year 2 Government Tests 2022: Month of May

Year 1 Government Phonics Test 2022: Week beginning 6 June 2021

Please note the Term Dates have been revised in moving one INSET day from 1 July 2022 to 4 January 2022.  We have organised a national speaker to deliver to our teaching team and will be joined by 5 other Warrington Church Schools. 

In addition for the Queen's Jubilee year there is an additional bank holiday, therefore meaning schools are open for 189 days.  Revised list of term dates below.

adobe pdf logoTERM DATES 2021-2022 (with revised INSET Days)


When setting term dates governors take in to consideration the local authority suggested dates (which differ from the national local government suggestion) and also the dates from Beamont Collegiate Academy to which most parents send their children to high school (which also differs from the local authority dates) and those set by other local authorities regionally.