School Uniform

The school exepcts pupils to wear its school uniform.

We believe that a school uniform is important and has been chosen with health and safety and cost issues in mind. 

It looks smart

Wears well.

Contributes to a sense of belonging

Gives a common purpose

Fosters a feeling of pride and equality.

All children are expected to wear full uniform and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.


How do I order uniform?

Most parents choose to purchase the uniform from the school office.  To do this we request that you send a message via the Live Chat.

The order process is as follows:

1. Use the Live Chat that is responded to by our office staff and tell us what you want to order.  Please look further down the page for images, sizing and pricing.

2. If the items are in stock we will send it home with your child or arrange pick up, usualy the following day.  If not in stock we will have it to you as soon as we can and within the first couple of days of the new academic year.  We will contact you when it is in.

3. You will then make credit card / debit card payment by using card payment (incl contactless) at the school office reception when you pick up. 


What do we expect children to wear?

We have the same uniform for all children, except nursery.

  Optional/Required When worn Branded Item Specific retailer
Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan   Required All year Branded Required Avalable 2 retailers incl school
Sky blue sports shirt Required for YR - Y4 All year Branded preferred, generic accepted Avalable multiple retailers incl school
Sky blue shirt with collar Required for Y5 & Y6 All year Generic Avalable multiple retailers
Grey or black trousers or skirt Required  All year Generic Avalable multiple retailers
Blue gingham or striped dress Optional Easter to August Generic Avalable multiple retailers
Black shoes Required All year Generic Avalable multiple retailers

Royal blue sweatshirts and sky blue sports shirts are available from the school offices.

Please see the school office for more details about ordering uniform.

NB. Nursery have optional uniform consisting of gold sweatshirt, sky blue polo shirt and navy or black jogging pants.

Please name all clothing so that clothes found can be returned to the owners.

Jewellery should not be worn at school.  If ears are pierced, children may then wear a single stud in the lower lobe of the ear only.  No other types of facial piercing are encouraged.  Equally, children are not allowed to wear make up of any sort to school.  For safety children must be able to remove earrings for PE, swimming and any other activity as requested by the class teacher.  In some cases tape may be used to cover earrings for PE. This is at the discretion of the class teacher.

The school encourages pupils to have a smart overall appearance.   Where a pupil’s appearance has a direct impact on children’s welfare, behaviour and/or education for the individual or class, the school may take steps to rectify the situation.  The school reserves the right to apply the System of Care to implement this policy.   

Additionally, for very clear Health and Safety reasons, pupils are not allowed to wear shoes with a heel height greater than 60mm.  Students who attend school with unacceptable shoes will be required to change into safer footwear (provided by the school) and replace the shoes as soon as possible.

PE Kit

For health and safety reasons it is important that children are properly dressed for any physical activity.  We now operate a PE Kit Day, whereby children wear their PE kit for the day, arriving to school wearing it.  By children not changing in front of others it supports pupils dignity, identity and also promotes positive safeguarding. 

To ensure children still look smart to school we actively promote our full PE uniform to be worn on PE days:

   Optional/Required  When worn Branded Item   Specific retailer
 Sky Blue Polo T’shirt (for YR-Y4 this is the same as their normal uniform polo shirt) Required for YR-Y6  All year Branded preferred, generic accepted.  Available multiple retailers incl school
 Plain Black leggings, jogging bottoms or tackshuit trousers Required for YR-Y6  All year Generic  Multiple retailers
 Black pumps or black or white trainers with black or white socks Required for YR-Y6 All year Generic Multiple retailers

Pupils will require swimming trunks (not shorts) or swimsuit for Years 3 (or other years (Y4 upwards) where additional sessions are provided).


What are the sizing and cost of uniform items?

To get the right sizing we recommend you getting out an item of clothing at home that fits your child (with growth room), measure it and then compare against the sizes below.

Length measurement is from top of the back of neck to bottom of waist on clothing.

Width measurement is from armpit to armpit.

Pricing for 2022/2023


Age Guide Length Width Price
Size 1 3-4 yrs 42cm 34cm £ 10.00
Size 2 5/6 yrs 46cm 36cm £ 10.00
Size 3 7/8 yrs 50cm 38cm £ 10.00
Size 4 9/10 yrs 52cm 40cm £ 10.00
Size 5 11/12 yrs 54cm 44cm £ 10.00
Size 6 13/14 yrs 58cm 46cm £ 11.50
Size 7 Sm Adult 62cm 52cm £ 12.50
Size 8 Med Adult 66cm 56cm £ 12.50


Cardigan Age Guide Length Width Price
Size 1 3-4 yrs 43cm 34cm £ 13.00
Size 2 5-6 yrs 50cm 38cm £ 13.00
Size 3 7-8 yrs 52cm 40cm £ 13.00
Size 4 9-10 yrs 58cm 42cm £ 13.00
Size 5 11-12 yrs 60cm 44cm £ 13.00
Size 6 13-14 yrs 64cm 46cm £ 13.00
Size 7 Sm Adult 72cm 52cm £ 13.00


Polo Shirt Age Guide Length Width Price
Size1 3-4 yrs 46cm 34cm £ 8.75
Size 2 5-6 yrs 50cm 36cm £ 8.75
Size 3 7-8 yrs 52cm 38cm £ 8.75
Size 4 9-10 yrs 58cm 40cm £ 8.75
Size 5 11-12 yrs 60cm 44cm £ 8.75
Size 6 13-14 yrs 66cm 48cm £ 10.00
Size 7 Sm Adult 70cm 52cm £ 10.00
Size 8 Med Adult 72cm 54cm £ 10.00


Nursery Sweatshirt Age Range Length Width Price
Size 0 2-3 yrs 40cm 32cm £ 11.00
Size 1 3-4 yrs 42cm 36cm £ 11.00
Size 2 5-6 yrs 46cm 38cm £ 11.00
Size 3 7-8 yrs 52cm 40cm £ 11.00


Water bottle £ 2.00
Book Bag £ 4.50


sweatshirt nursery
pe polo
cardigan bookbag

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