Free School Meals


The school has been issuing vouchers to parents entitled to free school meals for their child based on income.

The school has purchased/ordered vouchers from two companies; Wonde initially then Edenred from the government.

We are not accounatble for the delivery by either of these companies, however we want to support parents where we can in getting this essential financial support.

We have issued on Thursday 2 July to parents a Free School Meals Voucher Statement compiled from the information we know about the delivery and redeeming of vouchers.

If you have a problem with the delivery or redeeming of the vouchers please complete the form available from the weblink below and we will do all we can to resolve the issued.  If you have not received a statement and expect to do so, please contact the school office via Live Chat on the website.

Summer Holiday Vouchers - these will be ordered on three consecutive days on 10/07, 11/07, 12/07 at £30.00 each day to a total of £90.00 on 

 Problem Solving Free School Meals Vouchers 


What should I do if I have not received any voucher email or voucher text at all?

Please note that FSM vouchers are only for parents of:

- nursery children in receipt of 30 hour provision AND they have met the income criteria tested by the local authority

- infant children Y1 - Y2 : NOT for Universal Infant Free School Meals but for those parents meet the income criteria tested by the local authority

- junior children Y3 - Y4 : those parents meet the income criteria tested by the local authority

If ou have not been receiving any correspondence about vouchers and think you might be eligible please complete the form from the blue box below:


We will use the information provided within our database and may be used to support you and your child with their edcuation and welfare.

Queries regarding Free School Meals please raise with the Live Chat facility.