COVID Secure Attendance Guidance

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We want all pupils to have the opportunity to achieve their very best and believe that high levels of attendance are crucial to this. Studies show that there is a clear link between pupil attendance at school and achievement. Leave of absence may only be granted by the school only in exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers are requested therefore not to arrange leave of absence (family holidays) during term time. See the Term Dates page under Communications tab for our Holiday List.

If your child is unwell you should contact school to explain the reason. Where there is no contact from parents to explain an absence, the attendance team will record an unauthorised absence. All absences from school must be explained by a note or phone call from parents and as much notice given as possible.

Attendance FAQ Sheet (link to MS Word Doc)

The FAQ sheet answers the following questions:

What can I do to help my child achieve good attendance?

Can I take my child out of school for a Family Holiday ?

Why is it important to have up to date phone numbers?

My child appears worries/anxious about attending school what should I do ?

My child is too unwell to attend school today what should I do ?

Can my child be absent from school for medical appointments?

Will legal action be taken if my child is absent from school.

Attendance Team

Three staff support the Headteacher in securing good attendance:

Mrs Leigh - Attendance Admin

Mrs Brown - Pastoral and Families Manager (case management of attendance)

Miss Fleming - Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion (incl. Attendance)

Additional docments that can be obtained from the school include:

- Attendance Policy

- Attendance Leaflet, provided at termly parents evenings